Saturday, 24 November 2012

Learning to be lady-like - Gentlemen

         What have Gentlemen to do with Lady-likeness?                                                                                              

There are many privileges to being a woman who embraces her femininity. One of these that we may not have thought much about, is the privilege of enabling men to embrace their masculinity. Society is full of men who are ashamed of and confused by their masculine nature. It often seems to them that this nature is shameful or must be challenged and overcome in the interests of gender equality.

One of our national newspapers conducted a survey about the change in attitudes of women towards Feminism. Many women were beginning to question Feminist perceptions and were not identifying themselves any more as 'Feminists'. There were several reasons given by the surveyed women for this. Some felt that feminism was 'unfair' on men. Others cited that they had the desire to live more traditionally feminine roles - being wives and mothers, and spending more time at home with their families.   

Women (ladies) are finding that Feminism promised much but simply delivered them over-demanding, over-stressed lifestyles. Burnout in women is rife, as they show physical and mental chronic fatigue; the result of their lifestyles and fast paced living. Families have been undermined and children brought up hardly seeing their parents, let alone raised by them. There is not much family joy to be had when the children spend long hours with strangers and peers who may not have their best interests at heart.

Since I have begun blogging, I have had comments about - and experienced myself - the amazing transformation in men, when women dress and behave as ladies. Men will relax around them, they will treat them with respect and, well, become Gentlemanly.

In this post, I have only touched a little on the subject of Lady-likeness and its relationship to Gentlemanly-ness, (is that a word?). But the point is that each of us explore these ideas for ourselves. I hope that you will enjoy meditating on and expanding some of these ideas - prayerfully considering them.

Now here is a nice image especially for any Gentleman who may be glancing over his wife's shoulder at this time


1. Consider how the men in your life may be encouraged to express their masculinity. How can we help them to feel comfortable in their manliness, in today's society? Find opportunities to accept and admire their masculinity. Just as you like doing feminine things in your day, allow them space and your blessing to relax in their masculine interests. These may include watching or playing sport, or tinkering with gadgets. Don't just think these things, but tell them! Compliment their masculine differences and help them celebrate being men.

2. Buy a manly-like toy for your son - and don't let their sisters play with it without their permission : ) Some examples might be construction toys, science sets or miniature glider kits that will fly once constructed. If you followed last week's challenges, you may have enjoyed a tea party, and invited the boys along. Perhaps this week you can give the boys an old blanket or something to make a den  in the garden, or collect bugs in a jar, or join them in a game with a child's set of bow and arrows.

3. Read a good adventure book to them. Boys of all ages love 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson.(girls enjoy it too, by the way)

4. One day this next week, dress and behave in a more lady-like way than you normally do. Observe the way in which men respond to your increased lady-likeness - and enjoy!

Have fun Ladies. Please let me know how you get on with your challenges, I would love to hear from you


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  3. Thank you for the encouraging feedback from readers via my 'contact me' page. It is very appreciated.

  4. I whole-heartedly agree that men treat us women differently when we dress and act feminine. I notice the difference when I have a skirt on as opposed to when I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Thank you for sharing this and the great idea's to do with my son.

    Hugs to you,

  5. A friend once commented to me that I bring out the best in my husband simply because I tend to 'lean' on his strength and ask him to do things for me that either I don't want to do for myself, or can't. It hadn't ever occurred to me, until this was pointed out, and I realised how so many women are programmed to be so utterly self-sufficient in this world. Even married Christian women 'don't need' help around the house with the more heavy jobs. It's very sad, because as you say, men will rise to the occasion, particularly if a woman actually acknowledges there are some things she cannot do! It's not a crime. We're not 'less than' . We are just different. And I love that difference!

  6. Such a lovely "little space" that you have here. You share such warmth and inspiration in your words. I look forward to reading your past posts. Thank you for sharing! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  7. Thank you Teri, Liz and Stephanie. I so appreciate your kind words.