Thursday, 1 November 2012

Simple gifts from Fabric Scraps - Phone pouch

Mobile Phone pouch with belt loop 
It is difficult to come up with fabric gift ideas for the men in our lives isn't it? So I thought of making this mobile phone pouch with handy belt loop. The person this one is destined for is wearing his belt today so I have had to model it on my much narrower one - but I hope you get the idea!

First, choose some unexciting fabric scrap to make it with, otherwise your man won't use it. (My recipient is an artist, so I'll just about get away with this interesting blue) Just lay the mobile phone on the fabric scrap and make sure it is long enough to go all round the phone - and for a front flap where you are going to put your Velcro fastening

Fold fabric in half (plus the little extra on one end for the front flap) Sew up the two long sides. then neaten up the short sides by hemming them. Trim neatly. If you find your fabric is fraying, you can paint PVA glue along the edges

 This one is not neatened up yet. But this is basically what it looks like when turned inside out - or is it outside in?

Now cut out another smaller piece.This is going to be the belt loop. Hem all around the edge, trim and neaten, using PVA glue if required for the edges. It is very important that this piece is big enough to allow belt to slip through easily when it is sewn in. It is very useful at this stage to have the belt that will be used on hand to adjust as you go.

Now comes the fiddly bit and I hope you don't stab yourself with the needle as I did! Pin into place and be very, very careful not to sew through both the back AND front as you attach the belt loop. Don't worry if your loop is a little too wide for the belt - you can always stitch it down a bit further along to make it narrower.

All that is left to do is trim off any bits of cotton and stitch on a strip of Velcro to the front flap. Make sure that the Velcro is very secure as it will be opened and closed a lot.

I had hoped to end with a photograph of this holding it's very own mobile phone. But I realised that I only have one phone and I couldn't take any pictures if it was in the pouch!

Happy (secret) gift-making ladies

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  1. What a good idea! I will make one for my hubby!
    Thank you - carol

    1. Hello carol. It would be nice to see a picture of yours if you get a chance. I hope hubby will be pleased : )