Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Home-maker's Christmas Contentment


Can the home-maker experience a uniquely special Christmas contentment, amid the busy-ness of the season? Will life be passing her by, while others enjoy an exciting, full life over the Christmas holiday?

Maybe there is very little cash around. But the shops are screaming 'This is the season to Buy! Buy! Buy!' Busy wives and mothers are running round and round gathering up the goodies. They buy with their plastic and... all they end up with is a plastic kind of Christmas. They are simply surviving.

The home-maker has made delicious mince pies and some chocolate treats with the help of her children, in her cosy kitchen. Admittedly, these baked goods look kind of funny, but are full of sought-after ingredients such as 'simple love' 'happy memories' 'time to care'. She has never found those ingredients in the stores and she does not have to run round and round, but stays quietly and peacefully in her little home. She has had time to think, plan and pray about her Christmas and does not have to panic buy at the last minute.The home-maker is not simply surviving. She is living an abundant life.


Maybe there is very little time around. But the TV is shouting that we must cram every perfect preparation into our Christmas experience. It MUST be perfect, and perfect means rush, rush, rush. The wives and mothers rush and drop things and get headaches, and shout at the children because there is so much to do, so little time... These over-stressed, perfection-striving mothers are simply surviving.

The Home-maker is at home to ensure that the TV is not the main influence in her, or her family's life. They do not soak up those stress-producing messages and subtle brain-washing. She may select some wholesome family films or programmes for them to watch together, or they may participate in other activities that she guides them into. But in her household there is always enough time because the world's 'perfection' is not sought. Over the months, she has been quietly sewing or knitting or putting away little 'imperfect' gifts which her family will love. They cost much less than the gifts on TV advertising and yet, this family are living an abundant life


Maybe there is very little Truth around. All children know that Santa Claus is coming to town, and that's what Christmas is about isn't it? Santa, Santa, Santa and all his glorious presents piled high on the sleigh and he'll come on Christmas Eve and it's overwhelmingly exciting... and the children are overwhelmingly excited (totally stressed) and they cry and get upset tummies and throw up because of it - and they all HAVE TOO MUCH and - they are simply surviving

The home-maker wisely decides whether or not to include Santa in her family Christmas. But she makes sure that they all know that Jesus is the vital character in their Christmas story. The stable is quiet, the night is still and a miracle is happening that will affect every person in the world for ever and ever -. This is the magical Christmas Truth that brings hope and peace and love to mankind whether they've been naughty or nice! The home-maker ensures that The Truth of God's love for the world will be told in her household. She is living an abundant life

Maybe there is very little love around.  In towns and cities and in the countryside, people are living loveless lives. There is no time for kindness or to listen to what someone is saying. The world says that we should only care about ourself, we should put ourself first. After all, if we don't who else will? We value the rich, the ruthless, the thoughtless, the clever, the strong. First is first, second is nowhere! And the more and more 'me time' we schedule in to our days,to love ourselves, it just isn't enough to satisfy. They are all simply surviving

The home-maker knows the value of every member of her family, and she tells them so. For their part, they know that she loves them because she chooses to spend time at home and with them. They have the same precious value to her whether they are clever, strong, rich, slow-witted, weak or sensitive. She gently guides and teaches them to love and value others in the same way. As she is the queen of her home, the home-maker can work at a more gentle pace and prioritise her activities. She can take breaks when she pleases, and maybe pick up some knitting, peruse some recipes, take some hot food to an elderly neighbour, write a letter that will delight the recipient. She can spread love all around She is living an abundant life
The home-maker doesn't have to look far for her Christmas contentment. It is to be found within her own four walls. The members of her family, young and old. The sharing of their lives and the time to listen and to love them. The contentment of creating a comfortable home, be it fine or humble, and all around her the pretty things she has crafted with loving care. The knowledge of the utter joy and contentment of serving others, and the time to share a kind word or gesture.

I wish you all a very merry and contented Christmas, ladies x


  1. What a wise article! Our children are grown and have homes of their own, but I still see the wisdom in this for me. I love the points that show I can live abundantly or simply survive - I choose abundance! thank you so much!
    blessings - carol

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write these kind words Carol. I really appreciate them. I choose abundance too : )



  3. I, too, would rather live the abundant life rather than merely survive just to get by! I want my eyes to be opened to all the joy and love of having my family around me and being able to serve them in love.

    Loved your "useless" facts, lol! Especially about the eyes and your poem was so cute! Really very clever and you were so young too.

  4. Succinctly put, momstheword. Thank you. A merry Christmas of love and abundance to you and your precious family. x

    Glad you liked my useless facts

  5. Hello, Thanks so much for becoming a follower. It will be so nice to read your post! Very encouraging words. But I bet you live this way and truly have an abundent life:)
    I will be adding you to my Blog List. I know the ladies will love you. Merry CHRISTmas! I would love to be added to your Blog List also,after you have time to think and pray about it. I am excited to have a new blogger friend in Christ!
    Blessings, Roxy