Saturday, 12 January 2013

Home-making Inspiration - First Impressions Part two

"Please feel free to use my scripture freebie if you would like"

In the first part of 'First Impressions', we considered the visual and sensual impact of the outside of our homes. The front gate and the paths, the cleanliness and order, colours and fragrances that first greet the passers-by and the comers-in. I thought you might like to know that after writing the post, I was inspired to go to my front entrance and have a good fresh look at things myself! In our little planters by the front door I noticed that some overwintered Primroses were looking decidedly scraggy, and there had been rather a lot of chomping by the English bane of gardens, the  'slug'. I will not put the word in large text because it is not very nice to think about. I also saw that my 'invisible' electric lamp that comes on automatically at night, had become covered in spider webs. The image of our inspirational picture from part one 'Independence Avenue' came into my mind and got me to work right away. I purchased a few inexpensive new Primrose plants and set to work. I have learned that little things can make a big difference - they look so cheerful and springlike now. The slugs (and snails) are also on the run. This afternoon will see our electric lamp cover looking clean and welcoming after a going over with some hot soapy water.

The experienced Home-maker will know,  that there is more to 'First Impressions' than meets the eye, of course. 

The picture below...  yes, you've guessed it -by Susan Rios, is entitled 'Impressions' which is so apt isn't it? The lovely Lady Lydia sent me this beautiful  and rather enigmatic picture in an email recently

As Lydia has suggested, I have the feeling that this lady may be awaiting the return of her husband after work. Do you find yourself hovering around the front door around the time your husband is due back? I do. I can't wait for him to come through the door, so I can give him a hug or a kiss and welcome him home.

 What first impression will her husband have when he enters the house? Will he smell the light scent she has just put on, or the feminine dress, and brushed hair ? I wonder how he will feel knowing that she has taken this particular care over herself just for his home-coming? It is sad that when couples are married, they can appear to lose care for their partner, yet take pains to impress people they hardly know. 

Do you see the picture she has hanging in her hall? I think it may be an indication that she values the 'old ways' of living, the feminine clothes, the leading of a quiet life, the joy and settled-ness of reading a good book.

I don't feel from this picture that there is music blaring in the background, but perhaps he can hear a gentle bubbling of hot food on the stove, ready to serve. There is a peaceful air about the scene isn't there? It seems that she has created an oasis where the clamour and stress of the world can be left hanging outside the front door and be forgotten, until tomorrow

Sweet pea (

I tacked on 'Sweet Pea' for your delectation. Flowers are made to be smelled, touched and picked aren't they? A small child might feel they are walking in a wonderland coming to a garden with such an abundance of blooms. I think that having all sorts of flowers, pots and baskets, and squashing them in  a little bit higgledy piggeldy makes a stunning effect. What do you think? Do you like tidy and colour-coordinated, or riot of different colours all over the place?



  1. What a good reminder regarding our appearance. I caught myself doing the same thing....putting on my makeup and fixing my hair when we'd leave the house, but not just for my DH.

    And thank you for the lovely little Scripture pictures you make and then share with us. That is very kind of you. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely post. It's so important to remember that others are impacted by the appearance of both our homes and ourselves.

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the one by the door too. She looks as if she just put the flowers there or is "fixing" them. I love the smell of sweet pea flowers, they smell so nice and are so pretty!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday today!

  4. About those s--gs: (It is kind of like a swear word, to gardeners, so I left out some of the letters). An interesting thing happened to me. I had a terrible problem in this wet climate, with those creatures and I bought something called fuller's earth and sprinkled it around. It solved the problem for a long, long time. When they appeared again, I put in a ground-cover plant called "Sweet Woodruff" which is a little rough to the touch. After these two remedies, the slugs never returned, and it has been 20 years since I have seen them in my garden.

    1. Thank you for these helpful comments LadyLydia. I am going to investigate Fullers Earth, and find a similar ground cover plant to see if I can have the same results!