Friday, 4 January 2013

Inspiration for Home-making in 2013

Have you been introduced to the uplifting and romantic paintings of Susan Rios? I discovered them when I began to visit Lady Lydia's Home Living blog

I find these paintings inspire me in my own home-making plans. They help to form pictures and feelings which can be helpful in creating our own homes and beautiful living goals, for the shiny new year ahead.

Taking one picture at a time can be useful. Let's examine the image above as an example.
Can you picture yourself at a table near the window with a clean, fresh tablecloth? Maybe it means putting your little table nearer to the light and finding some lacy fabric to lay over the top. 

Can you imagine how pleasant it would be to sit there and pen a thank-you note to someone, and to know of the pleasure that someone would feel when it landed on their doormat on a gloomy day?  Maybe you could place a small box of notelets, pen and postage stamps ready for a quiet few minutes of writing.

How beautiful are the delicate roses, the inviting tea-pot and the comfy cushion. Imagine how sweet the fragrance of the flowers and the refreshing taste of tea served in a china cup. Roses can be very expensive, but maybe a single rose in a small vase, or some cheerful seasonal blooms like spring daffodil's, would brighten the room, and the hearts of your family and visitors. Teapots and china cups and saucers can be found in thrift shops (great fun finding these inexpensive treasures). Perhaps there is some fabric lying around that can update a cushion? It doesn't have to be sewn perfectly. I find it is not always best to worry about things showing the dirt, or being scared to use the nice china.

The lady is of attractive appearance, her hair, her clothes, and the pretty handkerchief or napkin shows the care she has taken over herself.  Can you imagine how you would feel if you looked your best for the day at home? Instead of casual jeans or jogging pants and trainers, how would it feel to slip on a feminine dress, protected by an apron on top for morning cleaning? Some low heeled court shoes that are comfortable yet feminine. Cut out and hem some cotton fabric and sew lace around the edges - and you have a pretty handkerchief.

Notice the serene expression she has. Maybe she has planned her day well beforehand, and not tried to cram so much in, that she is a frazzled mess by lunchtime. Perhaps she hasn't been stressed and upset by watching depressing news programmes three times a day, or read the nasty gossip on Facebook. Maybe she has taken a gentle walk in the fresh air or prayed or read the Bible quietly to calm her and cheer her. What things can we do today towards our own serenity at home?

I hope to do another post like this featuring her painting. Please let me know what you think.

Happy Home-making ladies  

 PS Every time I visit here, I enjoy the little cat on the right, who purrs and swipes as I move my mouse around it. Do any of you enjoy it too?

What Joy Is Mine


  1. I am so glad you are doing this, and am really looking forward to your analysis of other paintings. There is one in particular that I like, called Impressions, which looks like a lady putting the finish touches on her preparations either for company for for her husband coming home at the end of the day. I'll send it to you in email

    1. Ooh, I look forward to receiving it LadyLydia. It sounds like a good one for this sort of idea. Thank you

  2. This painting is beautiful! I enjoyed your post.

    Amy Jo

  3. What a beautiful post, I am looking forward to more!

    One thing though....could you make the font a little larger please? It's hard on old eyes. :)

    1. Thank you Mrs B. I will see what I can do next time

  4. Beautiful painting. Yes, it does seem that she is enjoying the task of sitting and reading what she is writing about. It brings a sense of joy to her expression. :) mb

  5. This is a great idea for a continuing series! I love looking at those images on Lady Lydia's blog. They always inspire me in my own homemaking and motherhood. Your commentary on this painting was spot on!

  6. Yes, The kitty is really fun to watch, I play with him everytime:)
    Hope Your enjoying the week-end! I was wondering if these pictures are free to use? I will check into if I can copy and use them also.
    They are amazing, and your writings on it made me have a lovely picture in my mind.
    Also, once I get my aprons done I will post them. I did take a couple pictures as I was cutting them out.
    Blessings, Roxy

  7. Hello Roxy. I found the pictures on Flickr. There are not many, but some have a 'share' button, where you can copy and paste the html code.Then when making the blog post, I paste it into the html section. You can also send it in an email. The code means that when you click on the picture, the link takes you to the flickr page and contributor

  8. I love Susan Rios, too; such sweet, feminine paintings. I may have to wait till there aren't any toddlers in the house before I can have a nice table for writing letters, but we'll get there some day!

    Blessings today,


  9. It is a lovely painting. And the way you envisioned her day was enticing. It does offer encouragement. I like the idea of having a box with notecards, pen and stamps handy. I might have to do that since I enjoy writing letters and notes. So glad you shared your post at WJIM's Monday's Musings. Blessings.

  10. The painting is beauitful and calming. I do so enjoy your description of a well dressed lady in a apron cleaning or do home keeping, That is how I remember my Mom about the house, dressed beauitfully and always looking her best. You have inspired me to change where I have tea and how to keep calmness and sernity in my home. I believe we make our own stress and if you value your well being and health, you need to take time like this every day to be calm, quiet, reflect while you have a cuppa. We are all better off for not stressing over media and technology. Well done.

  11. Lovely scene and daydream painting! I have a tapestry pillow with roses similar to the one in the background. Look forward to reading more of your sweet posts :)