Saturday, 26 January 2013

Simple and Inexpensive Co-ordination

Helen Allingham 'Mother and child outside a country cottage' 19thC watercolour
19th Century Watercolour. Helen Allingham

Adding co-ordination to a room, for little or no expense, can be very satisfying and pleasing to the eye. It can give instant refreshment, like a new coat of paint, or 'bring the room together' in a coherent way, which makes it somewhere more peaceful and relaxing to spend time in.

When you really survey the sitting/living room, there is often something which stands out like a sore thumb. If you like vintage, cosy, cottage or shabby chic, it can be an especial problem. Of course, it is the Television screen. Whether you use it occasionally for watching films, or the latest episode of Downton Abbey, it may need to be in the room for convenience.

I was recently sent some lovely fabric by a friend, which was just the perfect colour theme for me. I love vintage-y pinks and greens, and florals. I decided to make a matching small table runner and TV screen cover in this fabric. This is a very simple and quick project that can be stitched by machine or by hand.

First, I cut a rectangle of fabric to fit my small table. I hemmed around the edges, stitched on a lace edging, and gave it a good press after sprinkling with starch.

To make the TV screen cover, I used the fabric I wanted on the front. and hemmed around the edges. I then stitched some older, plain fabric to this which won't be seen, as it drapes over the back of the television.

Although it isn't a very clear photo, you can see the pink and green rose garland on the top of my Welsh Dresser. 

I hope that those of you who are a little nervous (see posts on creativity Anxiety) might be encouraged to have a go at some simple co-ordinating in your own homes, or inspired to design your own version of TV screen covers. I would love to hear your ideas and experiences of co-ordinating your rooms at home.

Happy co-ordinating, Ladies 

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  1. I do like the fabric that you have used, some of my favourite colours are soft pinks and greens.

  2. Thank you for this idea! In the past I have used a large scarf or a family antique baby quilt to cover the TV, but making a cover that "goes" more with the living room or with seasonal decor really appeals to me.

  3. Lesley, you are a lovely genius! I love the idea of using pretty fabric to cover the tv screen! We don't have a tv in our home, but I will have to share this clever idea with some family members that are always complaining about the tv sticking out like a sore thumb :) And the rose garland is so sweet and feminine.

    Hugs and blessings, my friend!

  4. Thank you ladies for your kind comments and ideas

  5. Pretty fabric and what a great idea!
    Helen Allingham is a favorite artist.:-)

  6. Oh I love this idea and the fabric you used is so lovely.

  7. You sure made good use of that fabric. I've seen television pictures you can hang over the screen, but they are quite expensive. This is really lovely, and think of all the ways the idea could be used. Perhaps seasonally, it could be changed, if you ever got bored with it, and it would not be very costly to do so.

  8. Along with Mary's comment, you have suggested seasonal changes. I think that a Christmas themed cover would be lovely

  9. Pretty way to hide that TV :)
    It is always fun to give a room a little lift with little or no money. Great job.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. Beautiful colors! I especially love the idea of covering the TV screen! Found you on Mom's The Word's link up today!

  11. You always use the prettiest paintings on your blog! I also love the fabric you picked out. I really love cottage decorating.

    I agree with you about the t.v. It just sticks out at my house! What a cute way to hide it. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  12. Oh yes, the tv can be a real eyesore! You have a beautiful solution. The tea themed fabric is lovely. I love to think up ways to make my home more comfortable too. I am thinking a fresh coat of paint in my Master bedroom. Nice and fresh for spring. Now I just need to get brave and pick a color!
    btw, I am sharing your poem in my tea post tomorrow. Thank you!

  13. This is an excellent idea! I have never thought of this, and have always wished for nice cabinets where I could hide the TVs. You have given me a new idea for my home. Thank you.:)

  14. HI! I found you through the Grow Your Own Blog party from Vicki at 2 bags full! Great to meet you! That fabric and your garland are beautiful! Hope you have a blessed week! Kelly xoxo