Monday, 18 November 2013

Potterings at Home

Yesterday I crocheted up some Jam-jar jackets. They are not really jam-jars, but glass jars for tea-light candles. When I get time, I will be knitting or crocheting flower arrangements for them, using chenille pipe-cleaners wrapped in yarn for stems.


Have you seen the knitted/crocheted plant patterns available too?


This is a free pattern available at You will have to register on the site first.

African Violets crochet pattern

Basic Rose DONATIONWARE crochet pattern

Succulent Collections 1 and 2: EIGHT crochet patterns

Poinsettia DONATIONWARE crochet pattern

Christmas Trees crochet pattern

There are lots of tempting patterns like the five pictured above
 Here. I think they are reasonably priced and look fun to make

My husband is planning to make us a nativity scene. My contribution will be the figures. I have just finshed Baby Jesus using those scraps I keep reminding you all to use up!

If you can bear one more picture of the Welsh dresser  - it now wears its sparkly winter snowflakes.

Finally, while I was making gift tags from old Christmas cards, I came across a lovely picture, which reminded me a little of the paintings of Susan Rios

Last year, I had been sent a tiny Susan Rios print that my friend had attached to a pink ribbon. I thought I would do the same, and sandwiched the ribbon between the picture and some backing card ( for which I used another old Christmas card)


  1. So cute - I wish I could crochet! I'll definitely forward your post on to my sister :)

  2. Thank you for visiting Lisa. I hope your sister finds the post useful : )