Friday, 8 November 2013

Thrifty Project

Here is a very quick idea for pretty Christmas gifts. Today while we were shopping in the supermarket, I saw some candles in jars. The fragrance and colours were cheering on this dark, rainy Friday. I bought a few, but will probably get some more if they are still there next week. They cost £2 each, which is about $3.
I had an idea for making them look a bit more special and Christmassy.

These candle jars are made of glass and have lids. Each one had a large supermarket label on the front. I saw that the label would peel off easily - and that's the first thing I did.

I have some old ribbons saved from various things in my sewing box, and also a 'bargain pack' of 10 metres assorted Christmas themed ribbons from Ebay. That certainly was a bargain at 99p ($1.59) I began wrapping the ribbons around the jars and tying them in a big bow. A dab of solid glue (like Pritt Stick) on the back of the jar, stops the ribbon from slipping down the jar. I found also, that when the bow is tied, a couple of discreet stitches to the bow will keep it in the right position. Then a final bit of solid glue behind the knot of the bow before snipping the ends to the length required. 

 They looked good just with the large ribbon bows, but I decided to stick a 'snowflake' on the top of each for extra sparkle. These snowflakes were a gift from a friend, and I have kept enough to use to myself. If I buy some more candles, I will probably keep the tops plain

If you use ribbons on your own candle jars, make sure that the bows do not come above the jar for safety, or remove the ribbon before lighting the candle

I include a link to a ladies blog who has made her own candles

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  1. They are lovely Leslie...they could also be added to a basket and such. What a lovely gift indeed :-) m.

    1. Thank you Maria. Yes, I think it would be good added to a basket. I have a basket that I could cover with some fabric. : )

  2. Scrumptous! Absolutely scrumptous! Now I will be looking for candles like these. Wonderful idea.

  3. Your candle re-do is beuitful. A warm candle for an icy cold winter day and they really do reflect the icy coldness of winter :)

  4. These are beautiful, sweet friend! And what a lovely gift to receive :) Thank you for sharing this with us. Hugs to you!

  5. These turned out so cute! What a great gift for surprise visitors during the holidays.

    Amy Jo

  6. very pretty and festive! This is something our children could do for those on their gift list.

  7. Hello, I think this is a great idea I am always looking to find a cute Christmas gift for our mail carrier. But, last week I ran out to get the mail and I had an apron on and she said how she just loved it, Soooo, I think I may sew her an apron this year!
    Blessings to you! But I may start looking around to find some of these and do something similar :)

  8. Hey! I absolutly love these and what you have done with them. This blog is wonderful :) candles are such beautiful and versitle things, appreciated by all. I recently made my own candles for the first time in a couple of those little expresso cups I bought very cheaply from a supermarket home section. The cups are plain white so I think I shall decorate them slightly to gift my mum for Christmas. If you're interested I have posted about them on my blog post...

    Thanks for posting about these beautiful creations. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas,

    L xx

    1. Thank you L : ) I have posted the link above